Patch Tuesday update history for Windows 10 [Changelog]

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Windows 10 Changelog

Patch Tuesday Monthly Releases for Windows 10 versions

  1. Windows 10 v1507 (Threshold 1)
  2. Windows 10 v1511 (November Update)
  3. Windows 10 v1607 (Anniversary Update)
  4. Windows 10 v1703 (Creators Update)
  5. Windows 10 v1709 (Fall Creators Update)
  6. Windows 10 v1803 (April 2018 Update)
  7. Windows 10 v1809 (October 2018 Update)
  8. Windows 10 v1903 (May 2019 Update)
  9. Windows 10 v1909 (November 2019 Update)
  10. Windows 10 v2004 (May 2020 Update)
  11. Windows 10 v2009 (October 2020 Update)
  12. Windows 10 v21H1 (May 2021 Update)

Windows 10 version 21H1 [May 2021 Update]

This operating system version is the latest one yet, and it was released by Microsoft in May 2021.

Rumors back then were that this version was going to bring a major visual overhaul, which later turned out to be the Sun Valley project, which later transformed into Windows 11.

KB number Version (OS Build) Release Date Notes
KB5004237OS Builds 19041.1110, 19042.1110, and 19043.1110July 13, 2021Security Updates
KB5003637OS Builds 19041.1052, 19042.1052, and 19043.1052June 8, 2021Security Updates
KB5003173OS Builds 19041.985, 19042.985, and 19043.985May 11, 2021Security Updates

Windows 10 version 2009 (20H20) [October 2020 Update]

Windows 10 version 20H2 is the latest Windows 10 OS version, and it was released in October 2020.

Obtaining the latest update is incredibly easy, especially if you already have Windows 10 v2004, and can be easily achieved via the Windows Update menu.

KB number Version (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB5004237OS Builds 19041.1110, 19042.1110, and 19043.1110July 13, 2021Security Updates
KB5003637OS Builds 19041.1052, 19042.1052, and 19043.1052June 8, 2021Security Updates
KB5003173OS Builds 19042.985May 11, 2021Security Update
KB5001330OS Build 19042.928April 13, 2021Security Update
KB5000802OS Build 19042.867March 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4601319OS Build 19042.804February 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4598242OS Build 19042.746January 12, 2021Security Updates
KB4592438OS Build 19042.685December 8, 2020Security Update
KB4586781OS Build 19042.630November 10, 2020Security Update

Windows 10 version 2004 [May 2020 Update]

Windows 10 version 2004 is the first major update of the year 2020, and it was released back in May.

When it was made available, 22 new features were present and ready to be used by the general public, with more coming on the way.

These included improvements to Reserved Storage, a New Cortana App, Task Manager improvements, and more.

KB number Version (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB5004237OS Builds 19041.1110, 19042.1110, and 19043.1110July 13, 2021Security Updates
KB5003637OS Builds 19041.1052, 19042.1052, and 19043.1052June 8, 2021Security Updates
KB5003173OS Builds 19041.985May 11, 2021Security Update
KB5001330OS Build 19041.928April 13, 2021Security Update
KB5000802OS Builds 19041.868March 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4601319OS Builds 19041.804February 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4598242OS Build 19041.746January 12, 2021Security Updates
KB4592438OS Build 19041.685December 8, 2020Security Updates
KB4586781OS Build 19041.630November 10, 2020Security Updates
KB4577063OS Build 19041.572October 13, 2020Security Updates
KB4566782OS Build 19041.546September 8, 2020Security Updates
KB4566782OS Build 19041.450
August 11, 2020Security Updates
KB4565503OS Build 19041.388July 14, 2020Security Updates
KB4557957OS Build 19041.329June 9 , 2020Cumulative Update

Windows 10 version 1909 [November 2019 Update]

Windows 10 version 1909 is among the most popular and most used versions of Windows 10 currently available. As its name suggests, Microsoft released it in November 2019.

This feature update doesn’t pack as many new features as previous releases. Key changes include: Windows Defender Credential Guard is now compatible with ARM64 devices, enhanced Windows Sandbox capabilities, Windows Virtual Desktop is now available to all users, and more.

KB number Version (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB5004245OS Build 18363.1679July 13, 2021Security Updates
KB5003635OS Build 18363.1621June 8, 2021Security Updates
KB5003169OS Build 18363.1556May 11, 2021Security Update
KB5001337OS Build 18363.1500April 13, 2021Security Update
KB5000822OS Build 17763.1817March 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4601315OS Build 18363.1377February 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4598229OS Build 18363.1316January 12, 2021Security Updates
KB4592449OS Build 18363.1256December 8, 2020Security update
KB4586786OS Build 18363.1198November 10, 2020Security update
KB4577671OS Build 18363.1139October 13, 2020Security update
KB4574727OS Build 18363.1082September 8, 2020Security update
KB4565351OS Build 18363.1016August 11, 2020Security update
KB4565483OS Build 18363.959July 14, 2020Security update
KB4560960OS Build 18363.900June 9, 2020Security update
KB4556799OS Build 18363.836May 12, 2020Security update
KB4549951OS Build 18363.778April 14, 2020Security update
KB4540673OS Build 18363.719March 10, 2020Security update
KB4532693OS Build 18363.657February 11, 2020Security update
KB4528760 OS Build 18363.592January 14, 2020Security update
KB4530684OS Build 18363.535December 10, 2019Security update

Windows 10 version 1903 [May 2019 Update]

Windows 10 version 1903 is also named Windows 10 May Update. Code-named “19H1”, it is the seventh Windows 10 version released by Microsoft in May 2019.

Windows 10 May Update offers, among others, an improved Start menu and a new tool named Windows Sandbox.

KB number Version (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB4592449OS Build 18362.1256December 8, 2020Security update
KB4586786OS Build 18362.1198November 10, 2020Security update
KB4577671OS Build 18362.1139October 13, 2020Security update
KB4574727OS Build 18362.1082September 8, 2020Security update
KB4565351OS Build 18362.1016August 11, 2020Security update
KB4565483OS Build 18362.959July 14, 2020Security update
KB4560960OS Build 18362.900June 9, 2020Security update
KB4551853OS Build 18362.836May 12, 2020Security update
KB4549951OS Builds 18362.778April 14, 2020Security update
KB4540673OS Build 18362.719March 10, 2020Security update
KB4532693OS Build 18362.657February 11, 2020Security update
KB4528760OS Build 18362.592January 14, 2020Security update
KB4530684 OS Build 18363.535December 10, 2019Security update KB4524570
KB4524570OS Build 18362.476November 12, 2019Security update KB4524570
KB4522355OS Build 18362.418October 24, 2019Security update for Slow Ring Insiders quality improvements
KB4517389OS Build 18362.418October 8, 2019security update, includes quality quality improvements
KB4515384OS Build 18362.356September 10, 2019security update
KB4512508OS Build 18362.295August 13, 2019security update
KB4507453OS Build 18362.239July 9, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB4501375OS Build 18362.207June 27, 2019Cumulative update
KB450329318362.175June 11, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB449793518362.145May 24, 2019Insider-only
KB450505718362.116 May 19, 2019Insider-only
KB449793618362.113May 14, 2019Insider-only
KB449709318362.86April 26, 2019 Insider-only
KB449566618362.53April 9, 2019Insider-only

Windows 10 version 1809 [October Update]

On November 13, 2018, Microsoft re-released the Windows 10 October Update (version 1809). It is also code-named Redstone 5, the last of the series named in this manner.

Among many other features, it offers dark theme support in File Explorer and a touch keyboard powered by SwiftKey.

KB numberVersionRelease dateNotes
KB5004244OS Build 17763.2061July 13, 2021Security Updates
KB5003646OS Build 17763.1999June 8, 2021Security Updates
KB5003171OS Build 17763.1935May 11, 2021Security Update
KB5001342OS Build 17763.1879April 13, 2021Security Update
KB5000808OS Build 18363.1440March 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4601345OS Build 17763.1757February 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4598230OS Build 17763.1697January 12, 2021Security Updates
KB4592440OS Build 17763.1637
December 8, 2020Security update
KB4586793OS Build 17763.1577
November 10, 2020Security update
KB4577668OS Build 17763.1518
October 13, 2020Security update
KB4570333OS Build 17763.1457September 8, 2020Security update
KB4565349OS Build 17763.1397August 11, 2020Security update
KB4558998OS Build 17763.1339
July 14, 2020Security update
KB4561608OS Build 17763.1282
June 9, 2020Security update
KB4551853OS Build 17763.1217May 12, 2020Security update
KB4549949OS Build 17763.1158April 14, 2020Security update
KB4538461 OS Build 17763.1039March 10, 2020Security update
KB4532691 OS Build 17763.1039February 11, 2020security update
KB4534273 OS Build 17763.973January 14, 2020security update
KB4530715OS Build 17763.914December 10, 2019security update
KB4523205OS Build 17763.864November 12, 2019security update
KB4520062OS Build 17763.832October 15, 2019security update
KB4519338OS Build 17763.805October 8, 2019security update
KB4512578OS Build 17763.737September 10, 2019security update
KB4511553OS Build 17763.678August 13, 2019security update
KB4507469OS Build 17763.615July 9, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB4509479OS Build 17763.593June 26, 2019Cumulative update
KB4501371OS Build 17763.592June 18, 2019Cumulative update
KB4503327OS Build 17763.557June 11, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB4497934OS Build 17763.529May 21, 2019Cumulative update
KB4505057OS Build 17763.504May 19, 2019 Fixes website issues
KB4494441OS Build 17763.503May 14, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB450183517763.439May 1, 2019Cumulative update
KB449350917763.437April 9, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB449048117763.404April 2, 2019Cumulative update
KB448989917763.379March 12, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB448288717763.348March 1, 2019Cumulative update
KB448704417763.316February 12, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB448011617763.253January 8, 2019Cumulative update
KB448323517763.195December 19, 2018Security update to Internet Explorer
KB447133217763.194December 11, 2018Patch Tuesday
KB446934217763.168December 5, 2018Cumulative update
KB446768217763.167 November 27, 2018Cumulative update
KB446770817763.134November 13, 2018Patch Tuesday

Windows 10 version 1803 [April 2018 Update]

Windows 10 April 2018 Update, also code-named Redstone 4, was made available on April 30, 2018.

Windows 10 version 1803 is marked by the modernization of many Settings components, making life easier for Windows 10 users.

KB numberVersion (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB5003174OS Build 17134.2208May 11, 2021Security Update
KB5001339OS Build 17134.2145April 13, 2021Security Update
KB5000809OS Build 17134.2087March 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4601354OS Build 17134.2026February 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4598245OS Build 17134.1967January 12, 2021Security update
KB4592446OS Build 17134.1902December 8, 2020Security update
KB4586785OS Build 17134.1845
November 10, 2020Security update
KB4580330OS Build 17134.1792
October 13, 2020Security update
KB4577032OS Build 17134.1726
September 8, 2020Security update
KB4571709OS Build 17134.1667
August 11, 2020Security update
KB4565489OS Build 17134.1610
July 14, 2020Security update
KB4561621OS Build 17134.1550June 9, 2020Security update
KB4556807OS Build 17134.1488
May 12, 2020Security update
KB4550922OS Build 17134.1425April 14, 2020Security update
KB4540689 OS Build 17134.1365March 10, 2020Security update
KB4537762 OS Build 17134.1304February 11, 2020security update
KB4534293 OS Build 17134.1246January 14, 2020security update
KB453071717134.1184December 10, 2019security update
KB452523717134.1130November 12, 2019security update
KB451997817134.1099October 15, 2019security update
KB452000817134.1069October 8, 2019security update
KB451605817134.1006September 10, 2019security update
KB451250117134.950August 13, 2019security update
KB450743517134.885July 9, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB450947817134.860June 26, 2019Cumulative update
KB450328817134.858June 18, 2019Cumulative update
KB450328617134.829June 11, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB449918317134.799May 21, 2019Cumulative update
KB450506417134.766May 19, 2019Fixes website issues
KB449916717134.765May 14, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB449343717134.753April 26, 2019Cumulative update
KB449346417134.706April 9, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB448989417134.677March 19, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB448986817134.648March 12, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB448699617134.619February 19, 2019Cumulative update
KB448701717134.590February 12, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB448097617134.556January 15, 2019Cumulative update
KB448096617134.523January 8, 2019Patch Tuesday
KB448323417134.472December 19, 2018Security update to Internet Explorer
KB447132417134.471December 11, 2018Patch Tuesday
KB446768217134.441November 27, 2018Cumulative update
KB446770217134.407November 13, 2018Patch Tuesday

Windows 10 version 1709 [Fall Creators Update]

This was one of the largest Windows 10 updates and among many new features, it brought the fullscreen mode and reading enhancements and many convenience features added to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft service for Home and Pro editions was stopped on April 9, 2019, but will continue for Enterprise and Education editions until April 14, 2020.

Here is the list of monthly roll-ups released for Windows 10 version 1709 after the major update code-named Redstone 3 but most known as Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

KB numberVersion (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB4580328OS Build 16299.2166
October 13, 2020Cumulative update
KB4577041OS Build 16299.2107September 8, 2020Cumulative update
KB4571741OS Build 16299.2045
August 11, 2020Cumulative update
KB4565508OS Build 16299.1992
July 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB4561602OS Build 16299.1932
June 9, 2020Cumulative update
KB4556812OS Build 16299.1868May 12, 2020Cumulative update
KB4550927OS Build 16299.1806April 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB4540681 16299.1747March 10, 2020Cumulative update
KB4537789 16299.1686February 11, 2020Cumulative update
KB4534276 16299.1625January 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB453071416299.1565December 10, 2019Cumulative update
KB4525241 16299.1508November 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB4520006 16299.1481October 15, 2019Cumulative update
KB452000416299.1451October 8, 2019Cumulative update
KB4524150 16299.1421October 3, 2019Cumulative update
KB4516071 16299.1420September 24, 2019Cumulative update
KB452201216299.1392September 23, 2019Cumulative update
KB4516066 16299.1387September 10, 2019Cumulative update
KB4512494 16299.1365August 16, 2019Cumulative update
KB4512516 16299.1331August 13, 2019Cumulative update
KB4507465 16299.1296July 16, 2019Cumulative update
KB4507455 16299.1268July 9, 2019Cumulative update
KB4509477 16299.1239June 26, 2019Cumulative update
KB4503281 16299.1237June 18, 2019Cumulative update
KB4503284 16299.1217June 11, 2019Cumulative update
KB449914716299.1182May 28, 2019Cumulative update
KB450506216299.1150May 19, 2019Fixes website issues
KB449917916299.1146May 14, 2019Cumulative update
KB449344016299.1127April 25, 2019Cumulative update
KB449344115254.562April 9, 2019Cumulative update
KB448989016299.1059 March 19, 2019Cumulative update
KB448988616299.1029March 12, 2019Solves the “Error 1309” issue
KB448702116299.1004February 19, 2019Cumulative update
KB448699616299.967February 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB448096716299.936January 15, 2019Cumulative update
KB448097816299.904January 8, 2019Addresses an issue that affects PowerShell
KB448323216299.847December 19, 2018Security update to Internet Explorer
KB447132916299.846December 11, 2018Cumulative update
KB446768116299.820 November 27, 2018Cumulative update
KB446768616299.785November 13, 2018Cumulative update

Windows 10 version 1703 [Creators Update]

Probably the most interesting feature is the launch of Paint 3D and 3D Viewer. Also, Cortana was integrated with third-party apps.

Microsoft service for Home and Pro editions was stopped on October 9, 2018, but will continue for Enterprise and Education editions until October 8, 2019.

Here is the list of monthly roll-ups released for after the major update code-named Redstone 2 aka Windows 10 Creators Update.

KB numberVersion (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB5000812OS Build 15063.2679March 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4601330OS Build 15063.2642February 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4599208OS Build 15063.2614January 12, 2021Security Update
KB4592473OS Build 15063.2584
December 8, 2020Security Update
KB4586782OS Build 15063.2554November 10, 2020Cumulative update
KB4580370OS Build 15063.2525
October 13, 2020Cumulative update
KB4577021OS Build 15063.2500
September 8, 2020Cumulative update
KB4571689 OS Build 15063.2467
August 11, 2020Cumulative update
KB4565499OS Build 15063.2439
July 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB4561605OS Build 15063.2409
June 9, 2020Cumulative update
KB4556804OS Build 15063.2375
May 12, 2020Cumulative update
KB4550939OS Build 15063.2346April 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB4540705 OS Build 15063.2313March 10, 2020Cumulative update
KB4537765 OS Build 15063.2284February 11, 2020Cumulative update
KB4534296 OS Build 15063.2254January 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB453071115063.2224December 10, 2019Cumulative update
KB4525245 15063.2172November 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB4520010 15063.2108October 8, 2019Cumulative update
KB4524151 15063.2079October 3, 2019Cumulative update
KB4516059 15063.2078September 24, 2019Cumulative update
KB4516068 15063.2045September 10, 2019Cumulative update
KB4512507 15063.1988August 13, 2019Cumulative update
KB450745015063.1928July 9, 2019Cumulative update
KB4503279 15063.1868June 11, 2019Cumulative update
KB449916215063.1839May 28, 2019Cumulative update
KB450505515063.1808May 19, 2019Fixes website issues
KB449918115063.1805May 14, 2019Cumulative update
KB4502112 15063.1785May 2, 2019Cumulative update
KB449343615063.1784April 25, 2019Cumulative update
KB449347415063.1746April 9, 2019Cumulative update
KB448988815063.1716March 19, 2019Cumulative update
KB448987115063.1689March 12, 2019Fixes “Error 1309”
KB448701115063.1659February 19, 2019Cumulative update
KB448702015063.1631February 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB448095915063.1596January 15, 2019Cumulative update
KB448097315063.1563January 8, 2019Addresses an issue that affects PowerShell
KB448323015063.1508December 19, 2018Security update to Internet Explorer
KB447132715063.1506December 11, 2018Cumulative update
KB446769915063.1478November 27, 2018Cumulative update

Windows 10 version 1607 [Anniversary Update]

On April 10, 2018, Windows 10, version 1607, reached the end of service in their Home and Pro versions, and on April 9, 2019, it ended support for Enterprise and Education editions.

Still, Microsoft will continue to offer support for Enterprise LTSC editions until October 13, 2026. Microsoft recommends updating to the latest version of Windows 10 to continue receiving security and quality updates.

Among many new features, Microsoft brought a redesigned Start screen and the “all apps” menu was removed.

KB numberVersion (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB5004238OS Build 14393.4530July 13, 2021Security Updates
KB5003638OS Build 14393.4467June 8, 2021Security Updates
KB5003197OS Build 14393.4402May 11, 2021Security Update
KB5001347OS Build 14393.4350April 13, 2021Security Update
KB5000803OS Build 14393.4283March 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4601318OS Build 14393.4225February 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4598243OS Build 14393.4169January 12, 2021Security Updates
KB4593226OS Build 14393.4104December 8, 2020Security Updates
KB4586830OS Build 14393.4046November 10, 2020Cumulative update
KB4580346OS Build 14393.3986
October 13, 2020Cumulative update
KB4577015OS Build 14393.3930
September 8, 2020Cumulative update
KB4571694OS Build 14393.3866
August 11, 2020Cumulative update
KB4565511OS Build 14393.3808
July 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB4561616OS Build 14393.3750
June 9, 2020Cumulative update
KB4556813OS Build 14393.3686
May 12, 2020Cumulative update
KB4550929OS Build 14393.3630April 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB4540670 OS Build 14393.3564March 10,2020Cumulative update
KB4537764 OS Build 14393.3504February 11, 2020Cumulative update
KB4534271 OS Build 14393.3443January 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB4530689 14393.3384December 10, 2019Cumulative update
KB4525236 14393.3326November 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB451999814393.3274October 8, 2019Cumulative update
KB4516044 14393.3204September 9, 2019Cumulative update
KB451251714393.3144August 13, 2019Cumulative update
KB450746014393.3085July 9, 2019Cumulative update
KB450326714393.3025June 11, 2019Cumulative update
KB449917714393.2999May 23, 2019Cumulative update
KB450505214393.2972May 19, 2019Fixes an issue with websites
KB449444014393.2969May 14, 2019Cumulative update
KB449347314393.2941April 25, 2019Cumulative update
KB449347014393.2906April 9, 2019Cumulative update
KB448988914393.2879March 19, 2019Cumulative update
KB448988214393.2848March 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB448700614393.2828February 19, 2019Cumulative update
KB448702614393.2791February 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB448097714393.2759January 17, 2019Cumulative update
KB448096114393.2724January 8, 2019Security updates to many Microsoft products
KB448322914393.2670December 19, 2018Security update to Internet Explorer
KB447132114393.2665December 11, 2018Cumulative update
KB447887714393.2641December 3, 2018Addresses an issue with SNAT
KB446768414393.2639November 27, 2018Cumulative update

Windows 10 version 1511

[November Update]

Windows 10 version 1511 was launched on November 12, 2015. It was code-named “Threshold 2” and it was the first major update to the initial Windows 10 version.

On October 10, 2017, Microsoft ended support for Home and Pro editions of Windows 10 version 1511, and on April 10, 2018, it also ended support for Enterprise and Education editions.

Microsoft brought with Windows 10 November Update a pre-installed Skype video, messaging and phone apps.

KB numberVersion (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB409310910586.1540April 10, 2018Cumulative update
KB408877910586.1478March 13, 2018Cumulative update
KB407459110586.1417February 13, 2018Cumulative update
KB407520010586.1358January 18, 2018Cumulative update
KB405688810586.1356January 3, 2018Security updates to several Microsoft products
KB405357810586.1295December 12, 2017Cumulative update
KB404895210586.1232November 14, 2017Cumulative update
KB405223210586.1177November 2, 2017Addresses an issue with several apps
KB404168910586.1176October 10, 2017Cumulative update
KB403878310586.1106September 12, 2017Cumulative update
KB403466010586.1045August 8, 2017Cumulative update
KB402534410586.1007July 11, 2017Cumulative update
KB403269310586.965June 27, 2017Addresses a reliability issue in Windows Search
KB402271410586.962June 13, 2017Cumulative update
KB4019473 10586.916May 9, 2017Cumulative update

Windows 10 version 1507

[Initial Release]

Windows 10 version 1507 was the initial release of this operating system. Microsoft launched it on July 29, 2015, and it was code-named “Threshold 1”.

On May 9, 2017, Microsoft ended the support for all editions of Windows 10 version 1507 excepting Enterprise LTSC. Support for this edition will continue until October 14, 2025.

Among so many features, we can say that Windows 10 Initial Release introduced Cortana, the Microsoft virtual assistant.

KB numberVersion (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB5003172OS Build 10240.18932May 11, 2021Security Update
KB5001340OS Build 10240.18906April 13, 2021Security Update
KB5000807OS Build 10240.18874March 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4601331OS Build 10240.18842February 9, 2021Security Updates
KB4598231OS Build 10240.18818January 12, 2021Security Updates
KB4592464OS Build 10240.18782December 8, 2020Security Updates
KB4586787OS Build 10240.18756November 10, 2020Cumulative update
KB4580327OS Build 10240.18725
October 13, 2020Cumulative update
KB4577049OS Build 19041.508September 8, 2020Cumulative update
KB4571692OS Build 10240.18666
August 11, 2020Cumulative update
KB4565513OS Build 10240.18638
July 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB4561649OS Build 10240.18608
June 9, 2020Cumulative update
KB4556826OS Build 10240.18575
May 12, 2020Cumulative update
KB4550930OS Build 10240.18545April 14, 2020Cumulative update
KB4540693OS Build 10240.18519March 10, 2020Cumulative update
KB4537776OS Build 10240.18486February 11, 2020Cumulative update
KB450505110240.18218May 19, 2019Fixes website issues
KB449915410240.18215May 14, 2019Cumulative update
KB449837510240.18187April 25, 2019Cumulative update
KB449347510240.18186April 9, 2019Cumulative update
KB448987210240.18158March 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB449110110240.18135February 21, 2019Solves an Internet Explorer issue
KB448701810240.18132February 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB448096210240.18094January 8, 2019Cumulative update
KB448322810240.18064December 19, 2018Security update to Internet Explorer
KB447132310240.18063December 11, 2018Cumulative update
KB446768010240.18036November 13, 2018Cumulative update
KB446292210240.18005October 9, 2018Cumulative update
KB445713210240.17976September 11, 2018Security updates to several Microsoft products
KB434389210240.17946August 14, 2018Cumulative update
KB433882910240.17914July 10, 2018Cumulative update