Opera’s AI browser, Aria gets 5 new exciting features

All of these features are also coming to Opera GX.

by Flavius Floare
Flavius Floare
Flavius Floare
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Opera has released 5 new exciting features to its AI browser, Aria, according to the company’s latest blog post. The Norway-based company debuted AI-enhanced features that will greatly help users organize their experience navigating the web on Aria.

Released earlier this year, Aria is both an AI tool and a way to navigate the internet. It came on Opera One, the newer version of Opera and it promises to help users get work done faster, look for interesting facts online, and even get suggestions when gaming. Like all the other AI tools around, it uses the OpenAI technology, ChatGPT.

And now, Opera comes with 5 brand-new features that will change the way Aria interacts with users.

This year, we redesigned our browser to make Opera users’ interaction with AI better. With this release, we are improving their experience in places where it matters the most: queries and content creation. What people want is to create the content they need or get the best possible query results as fast, as accurately, and with as little effort as possible. With this update, we are making that happen.


Opera’s Aria AI new features: All the details

  1. Refine the browser AI’s output without having to provide context: according to Opera, this feature has 2 tools, Reuse and Rephrase. With them, users will be able to create a new prompt that will use the elements they previously selected to generate a new reply.
  2. Make the AI rephrase a specific part of its answer, with the Rephrase option.
  3. Compose with ease: Aria will compose the texts for users now. You’ll only have to select the type of content you want to write from the TASK section. Provide a topic and a little more context in the DESCRIPTION field. Choose the length, as well as tone: formal, informal, neutral, academic, business, or funny.
  4. Aria will be able to emulate the user’s writing style, now. Opera has introduced a new option, Define my style, which Aria will use to copy the user’s style and write just like them.opera aria ai
  5. Finally, users will be able to prompt in shortcut commands whenever they want to talk to Aria AI: Ctrl+/ or cmd+/.

Plus, all of these features are also coming to Opera GX.

Are you excited for them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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