Edge’s PDF reader now translates selected text in real time

This could one of the most useful Edge features.

by Flavius Floare
Flavius Floare
Flavius Floare
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  • The feature is live on Edge Canary. However, Edge Dev doesn't have it yet.
  • It might be released to the Edge stable version soon.
  • If so, this could end up as being one of the most useful features ever to come to the browser.
microsoft edge live translation

Microsoft Edge’s PDF reader has been around for a while, but only recently has the app received a special button on its toolbar, on its Canary version. Edge already had a translate option before that button appeared, and the browser would let you translate selected text.

However, it seems that the Redmond-based tech giant is taking things a bit further, and this time, PDF reader lets users translate selected text in real-time, according to Windows enthusiast @Leopeva64.

The feature is up and running in the Edge Canary (unfortunately, it’s not on Edge Dev, as we checked, but it might get added to the channel), and users won’t have to open the context menu to start the translation.

Instead, the PDF reader will automatically translate the text as you select it, and it will change the translation according to the amount of selected text.

How to enable live translation in Microsoft Edge

Assuming this feature will be released on the Edge’s stable channel, then enabling live translation shouldn’t be hard.

You’ll have to make sure the translate button from the toolbar is selected.microsoft edge live translation

Once you do that, you can select any part of the text and Microsoft Edge will translate it live for you.

You won’t have to do anything, as Microsoft Edge does it automatically. The browser will open up the translate sidebar automatically, and there it will display the live translation.

If you remember, we mentioned recently that we don’t know the reason behind the new translate button in the Edge PDF reader’s toolbar. We said back then that it might be used to translate entire documents at once, but we didn’t know for sure.

Now it seems that the button allows for enabling live translation within a document. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most useful features of this app, allowing for a seamless translation without the back and forth.

What do you think about Microsoft Edge featuring live translation? Are you excited about trying it?

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