Is Windows 11 Stable Now? Evolution & Build Analysis

Take a trip down memory lane since the release of Windows 11

by Claire Moraa
Claire Moraa
Claire Moraa
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  • The stability of an OS is crucial, especially if you are considering upgrading from an older version with lesser-known issues.
  • So Is Windows 11 stable? Find out how the OS has evolved over the past few months and its performance metrics.
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Microsoft offers Windows 10 users a free upgrade to Windows 11, and if you haven’t upgraded already, now is a good time to do so. Most users are usually worried about the stability of an OS, especially when it is launched.

In this article, we look at the evolution of Windows 11 since its release, the major issues encountered so far, and its stability status. Is Windows 11 still worth it?  Let’s find out, shall we?

Are there any issues with Windows 11? 

Any man-made software is bound to experience bugs. In the history of all Windows releases, each version has had its share of issues, and Windows 11 is no exception. We’ve already covered in detail some of the common Windows 11 problems.

However, let’s touch base on a few of the most stubborn issues:

  • Unsupported hardware – Anyone whose PC doesn’t meet the system requirements for Windows 11 can not enjoy the OS in its full glory. That’s bad news for anyone who doesn’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new computer just because they want to stay up-to-date with Windows 11. 
  • Incompatibility issuesWindows 11 brings many new features and improvements, but there are some incompatibility issues with existing hardware and software. For instance, version 22H2 users are already facing issues with their Intel sound drivers, which brings up a blue screen.
  • Frequent crashes – Another big problem with Windows 11 is that it crashes frequently. Every few days, someone’s PC seems to be crashing because of a BSoD error or something else is wrong with their PC hardware or software. Whereas crashes have been happening in every other Windows version, it seems oddly frequent in Windows 11. 

Is Windows 11 stable enough now?

Since the initial release of the OS, several builds have been released, each as an upgrade from the previous one.

The initial release of Windows 11 was a major milestone for the operating system. Microsoft has been working hard to ensure it is easy to use, productive, secure, and reliable.

The key features included:

  • Easy to use – Windows 11 has been designed with the user in mind, with a new Start menu with live tiles and a wide range of built-in apps, including Photos and Mail and the Action Center.
  • Productivity tools – The taskbar provides quick access to your favorite apps and files, while the new Start menu can be customized to include more commonly used programs. 
  • Security featuresWindows Defender helps protect you against viruses, spyware, and other threats on your PC or device by scanning it daily for software vulnerabilities. Microsoft Edge gives you an optimized browser experience with built-in tabs for all your favorite sites on your desktop. And Windows Hello allows you to sign into websites securely with just a touch or facial recognition scan.

So far, there have been two major builds since the release of Windows 11. 21H2 and 22H2. However, these are not the only builds that have brought impeccable OS changes.

Some of the most notable builds include:

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Version 22H2

1. KB5025305

This is currently the latest build that addresses several issues. As it is part of the 22H2 version, a lot of improvements have been noted, such as:

  • Users with Intel graphic cards will no longer get errors when they use the DirectX feature in their apps. 
  • There is also enhanced security in terms of viewing protected content. When hovering the mouse over minimized windows, the contents could be displayed in preview, but this has since been addressed. 
  • A new toggle control feature has also been added that prioritizes non-security features but is still critical for running your OS.

With the mention of the DirectX feature, it is important to touch base on Windows 11 as a gaming OS. So, Is Windows 11 stable for gaming? 

While there are a few bugs with Windows 11 that need to be ironed out, Microsoft has made sure that it’s as stable as possible for gaming. 

game gaming features arent available for the windows desktop

In fact, many games have been shown to run smoothly on the operating system, especially with the right settings and selecting the correct Windows version for gaming.

Some gamers have reported issues with certain games not running properly on Windows 11, but this is usually because of incompatibility issues between games and drivers rather than anything related to Windows itself.

2. KB5023778

With most builds, security is almost always part of the package. In this March build, some of the most notable highlights include:

  • New features and improvements to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.
  • TLS 1.3 version has been added to the Group Policy Editor as a new protocol. Whereas this is a great move to enhance security and a boost in speed from previous versions, such as TLS 1.2, you need to ensure your OS and system meet the compatibility metrics to take advantage of this protocol.
  • Windows 11 has been facing crackling and glitching sounds, but it should no longer be a problem with this build.
  • Another interesting addition but for those leveraging the new Bing Chat, a search button has been integrated into the Taskbar that will redirect you to the chat experience on the Edge browser.

Talking about AIs, we have compiled a list of the best AI software to use on your PC to enhance your productivity.

3. KB5022913

This is one of the most raved-about updates as the new updates are not things that the regular user would complain about, but now that they are here, they make life so much easier. So what are they?

  • The Quick Assist menu has been brought closer to you so you can get those PC issues fixed even faster.
  • Finally, the Task Manager can now support themes. Having themes in Windows 11 is great, but it can be annoying when it is only for select programs. 
  • Also, in Windows 11, there are a lot of confirmation dialogs. While it is not bad, some users would prefer not to keep confirming such. Now, this build introduced the efficiency mode that eliminates the confirmation dialogs. Even better, you can turn it on or off whenever needed.

4. KB5019509

Everyone loves a good file manager, and with how things have been going for Windows 11 File Explorer, it seems it will be one for the books when reviewing it a few years from now.

Some notable changes in this build include:

  • An enhanced File Explorer. We’ve already shared all the cool things you didn’t know about File Explorer, and Microsoft keeps making the list longer. We’re not complaining, though. Now, you can pin important files for easy access.
  • Sharing has also been made easier with nearby sharing. You never really appreciate this feature until you need to transfer files from one desktop to another.

Version 21H1

Windows 11 version 21H2 is the launch version, so all the improvements started with this build. Some of the notable changes that came shipped with this version include:

  • The new, improved UI.
  • An integrated Microsoft Teams chat in the Taskbar.
  • A newly revamped Microsoft Store.
  • New gaming features; DirectStorage and AutoHDR.
  • Windows version with developers in mind. More apps are now allowed in the Microsoft Store. You can also enable Developer Mode on Windows 11 to allow the sideloading of apps. So, if you were wondering, Is Windows 11 stable for developers, there is your answer.
  • Hybrid work was also one of the new features introduced in this version, allowing organizations to work seamlessly.

You’ll also find our list of Windows 11 things you probably didn’t know about very insightful when it comes to discovering all about the OS.

Is it good to upgrade to Windows 11?

Yes, and if only for one reason, it should be because Windows 11 offers many improvements over Windows 10 and previous versions of Windows, including better security and performance. 

However, if you are an experienced user who needs more control over your system, you might prefer Linux or macOS. These operating systems are easier to customize and install software packages on.

MacOS and Linux are both fantastic operating systems. But when it comes to Windows, there are just some things that any other OS can’t match. 

Windows has a larger selection of software available and can be used to run more programs than the macOS. But what makes Windows reign supreme is compatibility.

It is backward compatible and compatible with most hardware devices from other manufacturers. You can use almost any peripheral device with your PC without having trouble connecting the devices or installing drivers to make them work properly. 

So, while other operating systems like macOS and Linux may offer more customizable and flexible options, Windows 11 takes the crown. Find out more in our macOS vs Windows comparison.

Its user-friendly interface, compatibility, and large user base make it a better choice. You’re more likely to find someone to help you troubleshoot a problem or answer questions about Windows than macOS and Linux.

On top of that, Microsoft recently released the first build, version 22H2, since the initial launch of Windows 11. We’ve already covered what’s new in our comparison article between 21H1 and 22H2.

But, in a nutshell, security has been beefed up, and more bug fixes that guarantee you an unmatched performance than ever before.

We’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve been using Windows 11. Would you say its stability has improved thus far? Let us know in the comment section below.

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