The Windows 11’s weather widget now offers a detailed weather forecast

The detailed weather widget is a part of the 23H2 release.

by Flavius Floare
Flavius Floare
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  • The feature is now live in Windows 11.
  • It can warn you about specific weather conditions in time. 
  • The 23H2 also brought Copilot, and you can ask it about the weather too.
detailed weather forecast windows 11

Windows 11’s weather widget got a detailed weather forecast with the 23H2 release, back in September. Spotted by Windows enthusiast, @XenoPanther, the weather widget now shows the time until a certain weather condition happens.

For example, the weather widget will tell you that you should expect rain in your area today, but you generally have no idea when, or the time is not specific. However, now the Windows 11’s weather widget will tell you exactly when it will happen: in 2 hours or 45 minutes.

However, it seems that the widget is also continuing to show detailed forecasts some days ahead, according to the same Windows enthusiast. Users are now able to see messages such as Temps to drop Wednesday on the updated Weather widget.

The feature is now live for Windows 11 users everywhere. So you’re now able to get a detailed weather forecast and plan your day accordingly. Or, at least, you’ll know not to go to those sudden shopping sessions, as there will be rain in 30 minutes.

You won’t have to do anything to enable the detailed weather forecast in Windows 11, as it is part of the widget. For a more handy situation, you might want to place the weather widget on your taskbar so that you won’t miss any information.

Windows 11 gets a detailed weather forecast

If you’re not part of the Windows Insider Program, you shouldn’t worry. This feature is now available in Windows 11. It was released in the 23H2 package, last month.detailed weather forecast windows 11

The release will also bring the now-famous Windows Copilot. And if you don’t trust the Windows 11’s weather widget, you can always ask Copilot to tell you the weather of your area for the next hours.

However, as Copilot will use the internet, and is based on Bing, it will tell you the same thing the weather widget tells you.

So you might just use the weather widget.

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