How to Download and Install Opera One Browser on Your Kindle Device

Allow third-party apps and enjoy fast browsing with Opera One on Kindle

by Afam Onyimadu
Afam Onyimadu
Afam Onyimadu
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  • This guide shows how to install Opera One on your Kindle devices using a direct download from Opera and a download from a mirror site.
  • Kindle gadgets are built on the Android OS and can run all apps made for Android devices.
  • An important step in installing Opera One on Kindle is making sure that the option to allow third-party applications is toggled on. 
how to install opera on kindle
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A Kindle is a compact electronic gadget designed by Amazon, an online retailer, for reading books. On it, you can download books through wireless technology rather than downloading music to an iPod or MP3 player.

The Fire, and later the Fire HD, were released in early 2012, featuring greater capability than previous versions and a tablet-like interface based on the Android operating system.

It contains a color screen and basic functions like playing video and audio from streaming services and the ability to function as an e-reader.

While these devices come with many functionalities similar to a regular smart portable device, they do not have your regular Play or App Store, but the Amazon store. This implies it may be a hassle downloading apps, like non-Amazon browsers on these devices.

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This article shows you how to download and install Opera One on Fire, Fire HD, and other Kindle devices.

Can I use another browser on Kindle Fire?

The Kindle Fire and other Kindle devices are designed with only Silk as the default browser. There is no other browser available on the Amazon app store.

Fortunately, Kindle Fire can allow apps from other sources aside from the app store. With this, you can download and install your favorite browsers on it.

Opera One is a great option because it’s packed with up-to-date features like social media integration and VPN. It offers users the freedom to create their own, customized workspaces.

Opera One

Use it today for speedy, secure, and personalized browsing on your Kindle Fire.

How do I install the Opera browser on my Kindle?

1. Allow apps from 3rd parties

  1. Swipe down from the top of your device’s screen and click the Settings or Gear icon.
  2. Under the settings menu, scroll down and click on the Security option.
  3. Under the Advanced section of your security menu, toggle on the switch for Apps from unknown sources.
    allow apps opera kindle
  4. Click on the warning message.
Note icon NOTE
You must note that downloading Opera One is a safe process, but you are warned against downloading third-party apps because Amazon does not vet them. After you are done with the process and have successfully downloaded it, we recommend that you return and toggle off the Apps from unknown sources setting.

Now move to the next step.

2. How do I download and install Opera One on Kindle?

  1. Launch your Kindle Silk browser by clicking the silk icon.
    launch silk
  2. Navigate to the Opera One website, and download the app.
  3. When the download is done, click on the option that says open.
    open opera
  4. Once you successfully toggled on the Apps from unknown sources option, you should see a screen with a prompt to install. Click on Install.
    install button opera kindle
    This should take a few seconds, then you will have the Opera One app running on your Kindle device.

How do I remove the Silk browser from my Kindle Fire?

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the Silk browser from Kindle Fire. This is because it is part of the Fire operating system of the device.

You can only clear the browser data or, in the worst cases, disable it with the Fire Toolbox on Windows PC. But you will need to have a bit of technical knowledge to use the third-party tool.

This process should work for all Kindle devices, you may notice slight variations depending on the device you use. But since these devices are built on the Android OS, they will be able to run Opera One or any other app that is made for Android.

You can use the process to install any other Android app that does not exist on the Amazon store.

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