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WindowsReport.com is an independent online publication founded in the Fall of 2012 that primarily covers Microsoft’s Windows platform. We view the PC as the solid foundation for your tech life and that's why the site has evolved into much more than what its name stands for.

We strive to provide important news, tips and various advice for tech users, but we don’t stop here. There’s a lot of work going behind the scene and we tackle a lot of new areas, trying to always translate technology in the best way we can into layman’s terms.

Since its founding, WindowsReport.com has grown to become one of the most important websites on the web when it comes to tech coverage, with millions of digital enthusiasts relying on our team of experienced tech journalists, editors, community managers, and more for the freshest news, reviews, features, and product recommendations.

More than 10 million users consume our content every month and become more educated with regards to their digital lives.

Our team

Editorial Guidelines

The quality of our content is what matters the most to us. We make it our mission to crunch difficult topics into easy to follow solutions that would help everybody out there. The following are the core pillars of our content:

  • expertise of content creators
  • readability
  • formatting, spelling and grammar
  • photo and screenshot quality
  • language and imagery
  • HD video
  • accuracy of steps

We try as much as possible to acquire our own devices or software and conduct our reviews unbiased. We recommend products that we try as much as possible to review; and when that’s not possible, we carefully analyze all their specifications.

We take all complaints very seriously, so make sure to drop us a line if you feel that something is off.

Frequently Asked Questions about WindowsReport

Is WindowsReport Legit & Safe?

Of course. We always check our links and make sure everything we suggest abides by all security checks. In some situations we have partnerships with software makers that are flagged by their competitors as PUPs.

However, this is by no means an indication of malware. It’s simply a program that competing companies mark as optional for you to install.

WindowsReport cost?

The content on our website is totally free and will likely remain so. But, as outlined in our affiliate disclosure, we make money from software partnerships, and those aren’t free in certain situations. Thus, if you visit links within our content, we may receive commissions from your purchases, but we never receive any compensation or consideration for the content of our recommendations.

Can I trust WindowsReport?

We have dozens of vetted Windows experts working on our content, as well as experts from other fields. We are continuously working on improving the accuracy of our guides and the usefulness of our buying guides.

Our Review process

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