Here are all the shortcuts Microsoft added to Paint Layers

You will be able to use shortcuts to quickly manage layers in Paint.

by Flavius Floare
Flavius Floare
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  • Paint got a lot of new features in 2023: Dark Mode, Layers, and Cocreator.
  • Layers, specifically, are helpful, but they consume a lot of power.
  • However, Microsoft has now added shortcuts to them for easier use.
microsoft paint layers shortcuts

You might have already heard about the new Microsoft Paint feature, Layers, which effectively turns the native Windows app into a Photoshop-like image editor. Layers and the newly-announced DALL-E supported Cocreator are two new making their way in Paint, and their presence is more or less valuable.

While Cocreator allows users to work alongside AI to generate images with text descriptions in seconds, Layers, on the other hand, is a feature that adds layers to Paint projects, if one ever needs it. However, it seems that adding multiple layers will quickly drain the system’s power. Each layer costs 2 to 4MB of RAM.

No matter, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to add layers to your Paint projects, Microsoft has come to the rescue, already, with a set of shortcuts users will be able to type in.

Spotted by Windows enthusiast, @PhantomOfEarth, the shortcuts were added to Microsoft Paint in the latest Canary/Dev builds, and now WIndows Insiders are able to use them.

Microsoft Paint Layers shortcuts: here all of them

  1. Hide layer: CTRL + H
  2. Move Up: CTRL + Shift + PageUp
  3. Move Down: CTRL + Shift + PageDown
  4. Delete layer: CTRL + Shift + Deletemicrosoft paint layers shortcuts

These shortcuts will allow for a much faster use of the Layers feature in Microsoft Paint. There won’t be much need for more shortcuts, given that the layers feature is not overly complicated to use.

If you’re already accustomed to apps such as Photoshop, Paint’s Layers are a bit easier to use and easier to follow. Plus, the shortcuts, which are quite easy to remember, will allow for intuitive work.

Microsoft really made sure its Windows native app, Paint, is getting all the updates necessary to make it last in the current time: earlier this year, the app finally got a Dark Mode. When Microsoft announced AI would be part of the new Windows experience, with Copilot, the Redmond-based tech giant also included Paint.

Cocreator is now live for selected users, and we’ve tried it. The AI tool is capable of rendering beautiful art in a matter of seconds, and it’s a very useful tool to have, especially for content creators, artists, and basically, anyone.

What do you think of the new Paint?

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