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Cybersecurity Hub: Guides & Tools for enhanced protection

In a world where everything you do and create can be shared over the Internet, it is important to remember that not all software and websites that you encounter have your best interests in mind.

Malware is a more generic term given to any type of software that is meant to harm your PC and the information stored on it. Depending on how they act, malware can be divided into a multitude of subcategories, including:

Viruses • Trojans • Spyware • Ransomware • Adware • Scams

All of these have the potential to steal or corrupt your data, which in some cases can become irreplaceable. On the other hand, you may have the possibility to recover your data, but only if you pay a hefty sum of money, such as with ransomware.

🛡️ How do I keep my PC safe from malware?

Fortunately enough, things aren’t as bleak as they sound at first since there are plenty of software solutions that can help you fight all of these cyber threats. These include, but are not limited to :

Antivirus software  • VPNs  • Password Managers

With the help of these tools, you can easily prevent any future infections of your PC, as well as fix any that may have been already present.

However, they aren’t a must-have, since many cyber threats can also be fixed through more common methods, allowing you to remove malware without investing too much.

Common issues and questions regarding cybersecurity

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